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Cat of the Month

Mokei  Mokei is our cat of the month. She was 91/2 years old in this picture. Unfortunately she passed away last year. She was a sweet and dear companion. This photo is dedicated in her honor and memory! She is greatly missed. 

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      Secrets for solving your cat's behavior problems!

cat secrets

Here is a great e-book that I found for helping cat owners deal with their cats' behavior problems. Cat Secrets Revealed!  will help you gain a deeper understanding of your cat’s ingrained behavior. Then armed with the very best strategies and advice, you can deal with stressful behavior challenges without one ounce of  humiliation or harm to your cat.  One of the best features of this book is that it is downloadable, so you get to read it right away without having to wait for it to be shipped out to you.  It is highly recommend it for anyone who is dealing with a difficult cat.

  Fun Cat Facts

Every cat's nose pad or nose leather is different--like a human fingerprint. Cats use their noses not only for smelling, but also for detecting temperature changes

Cats' eyes are so big that if our eyes were proportionately as big they would be about 8 inches in diameter.

Cats are usually considered color-blind

Your cat's tail usually tells his mood:

Carried high - proud and content
Extended straight - he's stalking
Thrusting side to side - he may be angry

An adult cat can weigh as much as 20 pounds and as little as 5.

A cat scratching post is used to satisfy the urge to stretch, clean claws, and marking territory, not for claw sharpening  


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New Kitten Tips
Learn about buying a new kitten, train your kitten to use the litter box, how to cat-proof your house, and how to introduce a new kitten to other pets and children.

Cat Supplies
Learn more about the basic supplies your cat will need such as a cat scratching post, cat bed, and cat toys, and how to hand make some of them.

Cat Food & Feeding
Find information on when, where, and how much to feed your cat, kitten nutrition, exercise and weight control, and how to feed cats with special needs.

Cat Health
Learn how to monitor your cat's health, symptoms of illness, vaccinations, spaying and neutering, parasites (fleas, ticks, worms, etc.) and how to give your cat medication.

Grooming your Cat
Find out how to treat and prevent hairballs, give your cat a bath, trim your cat's nails, the benefits of brushing your cat, and taking care of your cat's teeth.

Cat Behavior Problems
End bad habits here. Discover advise on what to do when your cat stops using the litter box , scratches the furniture, chews on houseplants, jumps on the counters, spraying, and more.

Cat First Aid
Learn the signs and symptoms and what you should do when your cat has an emergency from eating something poisonous to broken bones.

Traveling with your Cat
Find tips on  traveling with your cat by car or plane and also find tips on boarding your cat, or leaving your cat home.

Common Cat Behaviors
Find out why cats do certain things such as purring and kneading and also learn how to better understand your cat's body language.

Cat Tricks
Learn to teach your cat simple tricks.

Common Cat Breeds
Here you will find information about the most common cat breeds such as Siamese, Maine Coon, Persian, and many more.

Cat Forum
Come and join our all new cat forum where you can post questions about your cat, get to know other cat lovers or voice your opinion on any subject.

Spoil Your Cat
Here we have compiled a list of highly reviewed and top-rated cat products, from cat beds to automatic litter boxes, to pamper your precious kitty.

Cat Lover Gifts
We have reviewed and compiled a unique collection of gifts for the cat lover in your life.  This cat lover gift list provides a wide variety to satisfy many different tastes.

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